Another Cunning Hoax

  Pesala 16:00 19 Aug 2003

I just received the following email with a zip attachment. I didn't open the attachment, but I expect that thousands would do.

Hello there,

I would like to inform you about important information regarding your
email address. This email address will be expiring.
Please read attachment for details.

Best regards, Administrator

  Jester2K II 16:02 19 Aug 2003
  pj123 16:41 19 Aug 2003

Yes, it is a virus, in fact it is 2 viruses. One called mimail and one called sobig.e the attachment should be called

just delete it. DO NOT TRY TO UNZIP THE FILE.

If you need more info on how to get rid of it (if you have already unzipped it) go to click here and click on Virus Information and in the search box type mimail. Print it off and then do the same for sobig.

  Pesala 16:45 19 Aug 2003

I'll leave this one unresolved for a while in case it is going around. It is very tempting to open it. The mail comes from [email protected]

  pj123 16:57 19 Aug 2003

Yes it is going around. It is dated 01/08/2003 emanating from Russia. It harvests email addresses from your email address book.

Look in your C:\mydocuments folder and if you have a file in there called delete it. You will also need to search for files called videodrv.exe exe.tmp and zip.tmp and delete them as well. There are also two registry entries as well but if you go the mcafee link you can print it off.

  mammak 17:04 19 Aug 2003

Not trying to steal your thread Pesala,
but pj123 i downloaded the patch for this today
for outlook, then later thought i am using incredimail, would the patch still work ?? Mammak

  Pesala 17:11 19 Aug 2003

You're welcome to my thread, I've finished with it, but you won't receive email notification and PJ123 may not look at it again.

  pj123 17:15 19 Aug 2003

Hopefully we are not stealing the thread. If we can get this virus off then it must be good. McAfee list two patches from Microsoft. 1. MS02-015 and 2. MS03-014. They are also listing something called "stinger" to include detection/removal of this threat. Go to the McAfee site on the above link and read it.

  ardvarc 18:24 19 Aug 2003

You can download stinger here.

click here

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