Another cordless mouse question

  Dumble452 14:18 13 Dec 2004

I have a logitech cordless mouse and keyboard. The batteries in the keyboard seem to last a long time but the mouse batteries much less time before I get a warning that the battery level is critical and they should be replaced. The last time this happened, it was late at night and I ignored the message, switched off and went to bed. This was a few days ago, the mouse is still working OK and the warning has not re-appeared. I realise that batteries can recover to some extent when they are not in use but I am somewhat puzzled by this behaviour. Any ideas why this is happening?
I think I will invest in some rechargeable batteries as has been suggested on another thread.

  Djohn 14:59 13 Dec 2004

I think the warning is to give you plenty of time to purchase some more batterys then your ready to insert them when they finally give up.

Ignoring the warning message will not harm your mouse in any way and you will probably see the message again when your batterys have deteriorated a bit more, this time though they will not last very long before they give up completely.

You will know they have as your cursor will freeze on screen. Replace them at this point but with rechargeable ones, remembering to keep a spare set that you can put on charge when you next see the low warning message.

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