Another blue screen victim

  East Stander 14:47 02 Oct 2006

I too have had a blue screen occurence. I think (although I'm not sure) it mentioned something about bios. I had added some memory a few weeks ago after a recommendation from here and it had worked perfectly well.

My problem is that after the initial blue screen, I cannot bring anything up at all on the screen when I reboot so I cannot try any F keys, system restore, booting from a floppy or anything. The fan seems to be working okay. The monitor works using my very first PC which I've kept. The hard drive can also be viewed in Dos in first PC (First PC is FAT 16, Second is FAT 32)

If anyone can give any suggestions or help, I would be grateful.


  SB23 14:58 02 Oct 2006

Lets both keep an eye on each others posts, lol.

click here

I still don't know what caused the failure, and I'm still annoyed my backups were no good, in fact, I've just deleted the discs.


  East Stander 15:11 02 Oct 2006

Good idea Steve. I didn't want to hijack your thread so posted a fresh one.

A thought I have just had is could my problem be a motherboard or processor failure? In which case, should I have heard some beeps? (which I haven't btw)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:30 02 Oct 2006

REboot keep tapping F8 as it boots, can you get to safe mode?

  SB23 18:40 02 Oct 2006

I've not had any more replies to my thread, but it was suggested that the cpu fan could be a fault, but I only dusted it a few weeks ago, with compressed air, as for what Fruit Bat /\0/\ has suggested, I don't get that option whichever "f" key I press.

  East Stander 18:49 02 Oct 2006

RE Fruitbat suggestion - I still cannot get anything to appear on the screen.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:30 02 Oct 2006

If no beeps and fans are running ok and HDD led is flickering then

1. remove refit graphics card

2. remover refit memory or try with just one stick of memory at a time.

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