Another awkward Excel question!

  Chris the Ancient 11:35 12 Feb 2005

I hope that VOG is up and about as well!

The question...

When designing a custom menu bar in Excel XP, is it possible to suppress the little icon to the extreme left of the bar (the one that allows minimize, restore etc. on left mouse button and save, print etc. on the right mouse button?


  Chris the Ancient 13:34 12 Feb 2005

And to try and attract the attention of VoG™ seeing as I know he's here!

  VoG II 13:46 12 Feb 2005

But who does not know the answer, sorry :o(

  Chris the Ancient 13:49 12 Feb 2005

Oooohhh :o(((

I've searched everywhere and I don't think it can be really done... but I was hoping...

Leaving it live for a while in case... (but I doubt it)

  pc moron 14:13 12 Feb 2005

You can get rid of it as follows:

Tools> Protection> Protect Workbook and tick windows.

  Chris the Ancient 17:00 12 Feb 2005

Sorry for the delay. Domestic type things got in the way of serious things.

Great stuff - and it works! Megathanks.

But I do have to ask; how did you find that one out??? I looked everywhere.


  pc moron 17:55 12 Feb 2005

I noticed it disappears when the windows option is selected.

  Chris the Ancient 18:05 12 Feb 2005

Well spotted!

I'm now trying to work a macros on windowstate that will open the book as xlmaximized...

Not with a lot of success yet!

  pc moron 18:22 12 Feb 2005

You won't be able to open the workbook maximized with windows protection on.

I get round it by unprotecting the workbook, setting the windowState, and then protecting the workbook again.

ThisWorkbook.Unprotect password:="Optional"

With Application

.WindowState = xlMaximized

End With

ThisWorkbook.Protect password:="Optional", Structure:=True, Windows:=True

  Chris the Ancient 18:28 12 Feb 2005

You beat me to it by nanoseconds!

I was doing a very similar thing within my auto_open() by adding...

ActiveWindow.WindowState = xlMaximized

ActiveWorkbook.Protect Structure:=True, Windows:=True

But I shall now do the same as you and add a password in as well in case someone sees my secret 'reset' button that puts all toolbars, menus etc. back to normal! And we don't want them to do that!

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