Another AVG 7.0 problem?

  Black Strider 08:44 03 Jan 2005

Another AVG Problem?
Sorry to reserect this but I'd welcome an opinion or two?
A few days previous to downloading AVG7.0 i downloaded a latest upgrade for my AVG 6.0. Since that upgrade, my computer started to have booting problems and since the AVG 7.0 download ( which i thought would cure the problem) these booting problems have continued.
The symptoms are that windows has trouble starting and gives me a screen suggesting that I select various options, like "start windows at a point it last worked" and " Ignore and let windows start normally". The computer tries to start and continues starting and most times there is a flash and it starts from the beginning again. after a few tries it does start up and work quit normally.
My concern is that one day it won't start at all!
Please can anyone suggest what the problem is, bearing in mind I am a Carpenter and Joiner and certainly no computer wizard?
I hope I have explained it so as you have some understanding as to what my problem is?

  Magik ®© 08:54 03 Jan 2005

have you tried uninstalling all the AVG programme re-boot the PC and then download AVG ver7 and start again.....

  Diemmess 09:08 03 Jan 2005

This is based on a guess but has worked with similar difficulties on 3 separate computers.

I said guess, because I think that Version 7 is so different that where it finds an old marker file (from a previous scan,) it is not always able to recognise the different coding and generates one of these errors that lead to the mess you suffer.

.........First, uninstall AVG using Windows add/remove programs.

Next run the Search or Find program for all AVG bits that may still be there on any drive.If you now have a list showing these files, simply right click on each and delete.

Reboot (to allow windows to reform without the old files)

Now install AVG7Free as normal - good luck.

  Black Strider 11:25 03 Jan 2005

Thanks for the advice.
I think it worked.Windows loaded up 3 times on the trot without problems! Magic!
I found loads of bits of AVG scatterd all over the place. Thanks again.

  Black Strider 16:19 03 Jan 2005

Just crashed 3 times during windows startup!
I'll dump AVG 7.0 and get another antivirus.

  Diemmess 18:38 03 Jan 2005

That's bad news. - Sorry.

Will be interesting to know how you go with a replacement AV. I suspect that the cause of your crash troubles lies elswhere.

  algernonymous 07:25 16 Jan 2005

I'm also having problems with booting using AVG7 (6 was fine) and have decided to try another AV. Any other products as good as AVG?

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