Annoyingly Loud PSU Fan

  Cal 22:24 02 Jan 2007

Just installed a new Jeantech 300w PSU from PC World after my previous 250w FSP PSU died.

It's certainly much louder than the previous PSU to the extent that I'm not sure that I can put up with the noise. It's not far off sounding like a hair drier at low speed.

Any suggestions or have I just rushed out and bought the wrong PSU?

  brundle 22:26 02 Jan 2007

Take it back and get one of these at Maplin for £25 - barely audible. click here

  Cal 22:41 02 Jan 2007

I am tempted but to quote PC World's spiel about the Jeantech:-

"The Jeantech smart automatic fan speed control designed with a built in temperature sensor which effectively reduces the noise to half that of conventional power supplies and maxmizes the balance between noise reduction and necessary cooling"

I bought the PSU from PC World partly due to convenience but mostly because of the above statement which is simply not true.

If you can honestly say that the X Power PSU is barely audible then the Jeantech is going back.

  brundle 22:46 02 Jan 2007

I have one in this machine, I can't hear the PSU fan over the CPU fan (rated at 26dbA, pretty quiet itself).

  [email protected] 22:52 02 Jan 2007

i bought a noisy one, thought i could live with it for the first hourm thought i'll change it on payday by the second hour, come the third hour i ordered click here and god what a relief, makes no sound at all, the previous one sounded like a wind tunnel!!

  Cal 22:53 02 Jan 2007

That does sound amazingly quiet and as I can't hear myself think at the moment I think I'll order one.
Many thanks.


  Cal 22:57 02 Jan 2007

adman 2

Judging by what you say about your PSU it would seem I unknowingly bought one of the loudest out there.
A wind tunnel is an apt description!

  Miké 22:59 02 Jan 2007

Some Jeantech's have a push button to adjust the fans speed/noise level.

  [email protected] 23:03 02 Jan 2007

wel i rushed out to the local shop and bought click here and they should change the brand name to f16 rocket engine psu!! bad move indeed

  Cal 23:06 02 Jan 2007

Not this one (ATX 3001 200) 300w.
My mistake though, I was too hasty and should have read a review of some kind.

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