Annoying toolbars appearing on opening IE

  jonem81 09:33 07 Sep 2012

I am fed with annoying toolbars taking over my home page. I know sometimes I must have inadvertently clicked 'next' before checking a download, but trying to get rid of them is difficult. I have used msconfig to try to trace them, and I have used Revo uninstaller when found, but they still seem to take over my existing home page. Does anyone have a solution to this very frustrating annoyance, please.


  T I M B O 10:02 07 Sep 2012

You can go to add/remove or Programs and Features and uninstall all the tool bars. The 2nd best other option is to use HJT and delete all the BHO's. Then reset your IE

  iscanut 10:33 07 Sep 2012

What/whose toolbars are they ?

  jonem81 11:13 07 Sep 2012


The latest one is'Blekko', which is so intrusi ve, and it was in Add/Remove, but that did not remove it - it came back like a bad penny! I have managed to remove previous ones, but this one is very persistent. There should be a law against these intrusions. I'll check Add-ons.



HJT and delete all the BHO's ?


See 'Jockle' reply.

And Thank you all Forum members,


  iscanut 11:18 07 Sep 2012

Have a look at this

Also do a google search for Blekko..there are other articles about this nuisance. Good luck.

  iscanut 11:20 07 Sep 2012

I think Timbo means Hijack This..

  T I M B O 11:24 07 Sep 2012

HJT is an acronym for Hijack This enter link description here

1) Download & install 2) Click "Do a system scan only" 3) You will then after the scan see whats called BHO's, just put a tick in the boxes, then click "Fic Checked"

Not only will this delete your toolbars, but will also delete other items that slow down your browser.

After doing this, then reset your browser.

  T I M B O 11:35 07 Sep 2012

All these toolbars come from software of all descriptions when your installing your wanted software. They do their best to trick you into installing them. I personally hate toolbars, but I do know some people like them. I am sure that in some cases that toolbars are designed to see what you are doing rather than enhance your browsing experience.

I personally use software called "Revo"

The free version works quite well for me. Revo is designed to help you remove more or all of the unwanted software.

  jonem81 12:06 07 Sep 2012

All Forum Members. Many thanks for your input. I cannot access any of the websites you have very kin dly suggested. However, I will go over all of your replies today sometime, and then come back to you. Much to digest! Thanks and thanks again!! jonem81

  T I M B O 12:12 07 Sep 2012

If you can not access these web sites then try resetting your browser 1st.

Click start then Control panel>> Then, click Internet options>> Then, click the advanced tab>> Then, click the reset button and then put tick in delete all. Rebppt IE and try again.

Of course if you have a home page, be sure to copy yhis 1st as it will be deleted.

Best of luck !!

  jonem81 22:11 07 Sep 2012

All Forum members who helped me with the Blekko nuisance. It looks as if Malwarebytes did the trick. Time is early yet, however, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay OK. Afer removing Trojan and other stupid things like 'funmoods', I was able to get to my IE options, and replace strange websites with my homepage, which, incidently is I have closed down and re-started several time to see if it is stable now, and it seems OK. It looks like a good product to buy, but a bit too much for me. There is a website offering discount vouchers, but in view of my past problems, I am a bit reluctant to go for this!! I also use a freebie called "SuperAntiSpyware, which is also very good. So a big thank you to all of you who were involved in helping me, and I hope other Forum members can benefit from these postings.



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