Annoying Scrolling Problem

  Dean L 20:40 22 Mar 2003

My PC had some minor problems, so i reinstalled XP and it seemed to sort out all the problems. BUT!! it also gave me a new problem. When scrolling through webpages or any office program such as Word etc. The pages will not scroll up / down smoothly but move in stages and you can see them re-rendering as you go down.

The PC is only 8 months old so it's nothing to do with the speed of the PC. I have a 12 month warranty with PC world, does anyone know if they will sort this problem out, or does anyone have any ideas of their own

Thanks a lot


  Phased 21:04 22 Mar 2003

Just something to try... Right click on my computer, select Properties then the Advanced tab. Then the Performance tab, click the Settings button & select Visual Affects, check the Adjust For Best Performance tab then on Ok. Reboot the PC. Then go back and do the adjustments as you prefer.

  Dean L 21:14 22 Mar 2003

No that didn't work - Thank a lot for trying though

One thing i have just noticed, i don't think my Graphics card has been reinstalled when i reinstalled XP, i can't find it listed in and of the hardware lists. But ive tried getting windows to search for new hardware and it's not picking it up.

Does anyone know if this could be the problem, although without a graphics card i wouldn't be able to do anything at all would i ??

Any replys are much appreciated !!! I am really stuck on this one !

  Stuartli 21:15 22 Mar 2003

If you right click on the scroll bar you will get a menu - use it for various forms of scrolling.

This program might help:

click here

  mol01 23:42 22 Mar 2003

In IE (if you are using this of course) try Tools/Internet proterties/advanced tab/use smooth scrolling. Might Help. The lost graphics card may be something to do with it. If you have the drivers etc, you could start the hardware wizard and hit "don't search, I will select..." and install the driver manually. Windows often seems to miss hardware on the automatic scan.

  hugh-265156 00:12 23 Mar 2003

it the graphics card you need to install the drivers.your card will work without drivers but all acceleration will be device manager it will say something like standard vga.latest drivers for ati cards click here or nvidia cards click here

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