Annoying screen problems

  Sirpad 17:14 29 Jun 2007

I have two problems:

1. I cannot get rid of the Games Toolbar. Even if I right-click-and-uncheck it, it comes back when I re-open IE.

2. When I play certain on-line games I lose half of the game screen. Am not sure of the technical term but the game comes up as a window within the site's webpage. Most of the game requires you to use the UP arrow. Well the UP arrow brings the window down and I can only see the top 2 thirds of it. Is there a way to stop the page scrolling up and down. I know, I know...minor problem in the scale of things but this happens with lots of games that my kids play too.

  Kate B 19:06 29 Jun 2007

What games toolbar? Sounds as though you've picked up some adware or something. Run scans with all the usual apps - Adaware, Spybot, Windows Defender, A Squared, Superantispyware and your AV software. That should shift whatever's put that toolbar on to IE - I'm assuming you're using IE. Also consider using Firefox instead, it's less vulnerable to something like that installing itself.

  birdface 10:00 30 Jun 2007

If it is in add remove,Delete it.Or try msconfig and if it's in there untick it.

  p;3 11:21 30 Jun 2007

fully update and run on full deep scans click here

click here

click here

see what rubbish they dredge up for you!!

  Sirpad 12:46 30 Jun 2007

Thanks guy ...wil try these tips and get back to you...........

  p;3 12:54 30 Jun 2007

if you are running xp you can try also

click here

I have to use a different version as THIS version is not compatible with my windows ::((

also; if the kids have been on you have MSN messenger on there and do THEY use it ?

or any P2P stuff?

that uses Limewire etc

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