Annoying Quick Time Start Up Icon

  Nick052 19:00 07 Mar 2005


Just recently, there is an annoying Quicktime start-up program loads with Windows that I cant figure how to get rid of.

I've typed mscconfig and removed it that way, however its just added it again with a tick next to it.

Anyone any ideas?


  dagwoood 19:26 07 Mar 2005

If you're on XP, navigate to start, control panel, other control panel options(on the left of the screen). You should have an entry for QuickTime. Click on it. On my version of QuickTime, if you go to "Browser Plug-ins", un-tick the QuickTime system tray icon.

HTH, dagwoood.

  Nick052 19:30 07 Mar 2005


Sorry, forgot to say im on Win98 SE.

I've been through all the preferences in QuickTime and cant find anything about Start Up.

I think I feel an uninstall coming on.

  Chezdez 19:37 07 Mar 2005

does anyone ever use quicktime anyway?

i don't really see the point in having it installed, because the majority of files are WMP files anyway

  CurlyWhirly 19:43 07 Mar 2005

I can't stand either QuickTime or RealPlayer and I much prefer Windows Media Player.
I am STILL getting nagged to register when I want to play a RealPlayer movie file :0(

They aren't having my personal info though!

  Nick052 19:52 07 Mar 2005

I uninstalled QuickTime as I hardly used it in first place. Its one of them programs you "think" you might need.

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