annoying problem wont go away

  loading 17:09 01 Aug 2008

hi i'm in need of HELP

2 days ago i got a error at boot up BSOD i think only on screen 1/2sec, then pc restarted with the option to start in
safe mode, last good configuration or normal all 3 resulted in BSOD and reset pc back to start in safe mode last good config or start normally so no way to get to windows , i was in a never ending loop.

used my windows cd to get to repair console and used fixboot, that seemed to fix it for a while then it would not boot because xp could not find config file at boot, so did a full repair install and that also seemed to fix it for a while, but then I'd get random lock-ups and checkdisk would run at reboot every now and then and repair a load of errors and index files but report no bad sectors.

was told by a friend that it could possible be my hard drive , so got a new samsung 320g did a clean install and all seemed good but after a couple hour i soon noticed things where missing in xp ie solitaire freecell some dll files and accessory's and some bit and bobs fixed most of dll files and the games but checkdisk still find random errors at start up ever now and then.

ran memtest for over 2hours no errors found scanned HD with estools of samsungs site no faults with HD, so I'm at a loss as to what it could be.

so i'v come to the best forum on the net for help in finding what the problem that causing it as i dot have a clue.

AMD X2 5000+
2gb RAM
2x512Mb DDR2 PC5300 Corsair Value Select
2x512mb ddr2elixir pc5300
samsung 250gb sp2504c (replaced one)
samsung 320gb hd321kj (new one in use)
fsp 550watt bluestorm 2 psu
leadtek 7800gtx 256mb
windows xp home with sp3

all been running good for over a year know.

so help or suggestions any one might have would be appreciated.

thank you all for any help.

ps. hope i posted in the right forum i not please move to the right one mods

  provider 2 17:25 01 Aug 2008

Anything to do with this, perhaps?

click here

  loading 17:32 01 Aug 2008

similar but couldn't even get it to safe mode, but fixed the boot problem now, put a new hard drive in installed xp now get random HD errors.

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