Annoying Linkbucks Redirection On Certain Links

  Astorian 16:46 19 Dec 2013


I'm a Windows 7 user and I mainly use Chrome and Firefox for my internet sufing needs. But as i noticed recently, not most but a lot of the links (Mostly direct links to a file like ending with ".zip") Redirect to a linkbucks page through a domain called "" and these linkbucks links are generated for the links that I click which means after i wait for the time i can click "Skip Ads" and I'm redirected to my original page not some random page like google. This is not anything brutal but it just bugs me that someone can alter the links I click trough my computer on demand, I tried HitManPro and TSSKiller as free solutions on Rootkit and Whole scans, I also did some full scans with AVG antivirus which found nothing (Not even a cookie) I clear all my cookies regularly with CCleaner but doesn't do any good. When I look at my processes in the Task Manager I don't see anything strange and when I check the tab next to processes (Don't know what it's called in english, but it's just the tab on the right to the Process tab) I can't find anything suspicious either.

What can I do, or Try.


  rdave13 17:19 19 Dec 2013

Check if you have 'stats reader' in your browse's add-ons. In IE it's manage add-ons, FF it's in 'extensions' and Chrome also in extensions. Check your browser's default search engines and change back to what you usually use. In progs and features remove Stats reader/linkbucks and/or any unrecognised program. Run TSSKiller again and also AdwCleaner AND THE FREE malwarebytes, scroll down for the free link. Once run then reboot and then run Ccleaner to sweep up. See if that helps.

  Astorian 17:36 19 Dec 2013

Well I tried searching addons and programs, that was the first thing I ever did. The thing is whatever I do it just keeps happening again. I checked AdwCleaner as you said got a full scan and a restart but did no good either, will try malwarebytes now, and will notify from this thread.

  rdave13 17:41 19 Dec 2013

Astorian, run the three programs in safe mode.

  Astorian 18:33 19 Dec 2013

Didn't work either, should i say that every redirected link comes from url shortening sites like "", "", ""

  rdave13 18:44 19 Dec 2013

Manual removal blogg. It's certainly a browser bug. You could re-set all you browser to try. I'd still be unhappy. So you ran all in safemode?

Download Spybot S&D. Update the program, you will have to learn the format of it but it is simple enough once you get the hang of it, immunize then run a full scan in normal mode. Once run remember to run Ccleaner (including the registry cleaner) then reboot.

Spybot S&D.

  Astorian 18:57 19 Dec 2013

Thank you for all your responses, because of them I cleaned the heck outta my pc :D, but I guess I've been absolutely stupid because I tried accessing my home WiFi from my phone and my tablet. The redirection was present on them too not just my PC (Used mobile network on them until now didn't recognise) so is it something wrong about my router/modem or what?

  rdave13 19:06 19 Dec 2013

So all your mobile devices show same symptoms once connected to the router?

  Secret-Squirrel 19:29 19 Dec 2013

" phone and my tablet...........The redirection was present on them too is it something wrong about my router/modem or what?"

Yes, it certainly looks like your router's been hacked into and its DNS server settings have been changed. Luckily it's easy to fix if you're moderately experienced. Simply login to your router and remove the rogue DNS server entry.

To prevent this from happening again, change the admin password for your router. Lastly, and just as importantly, when you next access your router from your browser, make sure you say "no" if asked if you want the browser to remember the password.

  Astorian 19:40 19 Dec 2013

That worked perfectly, had to reset the router because my password has been changed. But it's all good now thank you guys both you've been a great help.

  rdave13 19:51 19 Dec 2013

Also check your firewall settings in the router.

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