Annoying Keyboard Problem

  Cams 09:10 18 Jan 2003
  Cams 09:10 18 Jan 2003

I've had this problem for some time and have found no solution and it is REALLY annoying.

I use an old IBM-style buckling spring keyboard such as this one

click here

I in fact DID use the original IBM keyboards and tried two of them that I was kindly sent by people who had them lying around. I since ordered a customised 105-key one with the Windows and context menu keys and HOPED that, as it was a new board with a lilac-coloured PS2 plug, the problem would go away, but it didn't.

The problem is as follows:

1. If I enable the boot menu for a dual-boot XP / W2K system, the keyboard doesn't work to allow me to choose a menu item.

2. If I accidentally boot with a floppy in and get the "non-system disk - press any key" message, the keyboard doesn't work.

3. If I boot from a CD-ROM and get the "press any key to boot from CD-ROM" message, the keyboard doesn't work.

4. If I try and enter the Norton Ghost serial number to Ghost an image, the keyboard doesn't work.

It DOES work in the BIOS; it also works at the initial stage of bootup when I can select the boot menu etc. It also works to allow me to F8 the Windows Boot to get the Safe Mode etc. menu.

So when I'm reinstalling an OS or working with Ghost etc. I have to keep digging out my other keyboard (MS but also worked with crappy Evesham OEM) and plug it in and it works.

I've hunted the BIOS settings but there's NOTHING that works. Any ideas?

My mobo is Gigabyte 8-ITX with Amibios.


  AMD 4 ever 09:22 18 Jan 2003

As you have tried so many PS2 Keyboard then I can only think it is the PS2 Port on the mobo. Can you have a look and see if the solder has been bent or the port has moved a little?

The Ms and Evesham are they Serial or PS2?

  Cams 09:33 18 Jan 2003

"The Ms and Evesham are they Serial or PS2? "

PS2 so it's unlikely to be the port. It IS more likely to be the plug on the keyboards themselves, otherwise I presume either NO keyboards would work, or ALL of them would.

  Rtus 09:54 18 Jan 2003

I have to keep digging out my other keyboard (MS but also worked with crappy Evesham OEM) and plug it in and it works. from your post.....
For these to work would suggest they are more suited to the boards Ps2 port ..Have you thought about the errent keyboards irq's setting conflicting with your newer mobo? as this is faster now than your keyboard was designed for. also does the old keyboard have a switch underneath ..some did and had to be in the correct position ..

  Cams 10:06 18 Jan 2003

"Have you thought about the errent keyboards irq's setting conflicting with your newer mobo?"

If it were that then the buckling srping board wouldn't work at all, would it? The only time it fails to work is at the "press any key to boot" stage, i.e. before Windows boots. BUT the weird thing is that it works fine to change BIOS settings or access the system or Windows boot menus.

"also does the old keyboard have a switch underneath"

No, none of them do.

  AMD 4 ever 10:08 18 Jan 2003

people are trying to help you, it doesn't need to be thrown back in your face with "XXXX" andsarky remarks liek you know better, if you do then why have you got a problem and asking here.

  Rtus 10:12 18 Jan 2003

the keyboard settings are frequently changed by the O/s as it starts windows .hence the suggestion.. but as you have the answer carry on.. .

  Rtus 10:13 18 Jan 2003

dont worry mate I forgot its the weekend..

  AMD 4 ever 10:16 18 Jan 2003

Rtus, Exactly mate I'm out of this one. He is obviously wiser than we, and cannot see the need for our help!

  Cams 10:24 18 Jan 2003

Oops; I seem to have been misunderstood and on reading my previous post I can see why it may be construed as being belligerent. Believe me, it wasn’t meant that way. If you take the words "would it?" at the end of my sentence and raise the intonation at the end, you'll get the questioning tone in which it was meant, rather than a belligerent emphasis on "would".

First time that's happened to me in my many years of posting to Internet forums. Please forgive my unfortunate choice of style and be assured it wasn’t meant in the way that it has been taken.


And I still need help if anyone's willing to keep the suggestions coming.

humbly yours,


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