Annoying "IE Script Error" msg in different apps

  Limariami 23:13 22 Jul 2009

Hello all

Recently, my computer became infected so that it was impossible to start up. I feared the worst (loss of all data on disk drive), but somehow the computer guy managed to get it up and running. He installed Norton AV and I've installed Zone Alarm Firewall.

However there are some after effects - every now and then my browser (Opera or Internet Explorer) closes abruptly - this coincides with a click on a link or a reqest for a new page. As if a script was causing the browser to close.

Furthermore, I get the following message from time to time even when IE is not running
"Script error in Internet Explorer
Do you want to continue running scipts on this page? "This coincides with one of my actions. For example, in FlashGet (free download management program), this message appears every time I click on one of the headings in the left explorer panel.

I'm still trying to detect a pattern to this weird behaviour.

But in the meantime, is there a simple solution for this problem?

Thanks for input.

PS I am using Windows XP

  GaT7 01:48 23 Jul 2009

Try this....

In IE > Tools > Advanced tab > Under Browsing

Make sure the circled items in this screenshot click here is ticked / unticked.

Change if necessary & click on Apply. G

  Limariami 10:19 23 Jul 2009

Yes, this was already done.

But in any case,I get this message even when IE is closed. That's what I find weird.

  T I M B O 10:24 23 Jul 2009

Delete Norton's & install Avast or delete zone alarm.

  Limariami 10:45 23 Jul 2009

Hello TIMBO.

I assume you mean uninstall rather than delete?

Are you certain that this is the cause?

I ask because while researching this question, I came across a few solutions hat suggested an issue with Norton, but there were many other potential solutions.

(PS To now, I have only done research but not implemented any possible solutions apart from changing settings on software).

Thanks in advance for input.

  T I M B O 10:47 23 Jul 2009

Well,,, i think that Nortons comes with a firewall , and u also have zone alarm, they both conflict. Are you using a router at all ????

  Limariami 12:41 23 Jul 2009

So the issue is having both *installed* (rather than running) at the same time?

I thought that there was no conflict as long as there werenet two AV programmes running at the same time.

I'm not sure whether I ahve a router. I think so - I have only 1 PC and I have a "LiveBox" (France Telecom), which provides ADSL internet, IP telephony, television.

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