Annoying glitch when opening programmes

  watchful 09:04 12 Sep 2004

My settings are for double clicks to open folders (Win XP) but just lately each time I click on My Docs, for example, or any other folder, everything comes up twice. All the folders flash up immediately and then disappear and come up again. The strange thing is that when I'm on the Internet and open folders up, this does not happen.
Anyone know why this is happening?

  watchful 12:58 12 Sep 2004


  Graham ® 13:07 12 Sep 2004

I recall a registry setting that delays the opening of programs by 400ms. You can change this, but when I reduced mine to zero, something similar happened and I changed it back.

Maybe this will jog someones memory.

  watchful 13:12 12 Sep 2004

Thank you Graham - I'll call back later to see if any solutions are found.

  watchful 19:42 12 Sep 2004

Many thanks to you - that has cured it.
Just two points I'm curious about; when I went to Run to type in Regedit, it was already there! The last time I used this it showed msconfig; it was as if it knew. Also, why might it be better for the value to be 100 or 200? Incidentally, it was set at 400.

  watchful 20:22 12 Sep 2004

What a mine of information you are. I've learnt something new again.
I don't find it too fast and I'm not so young either!
By the way, I didn't even type in the first couple of thetters! :0) I must have used it previously and forgotten.
Thanks again - little green tick time.

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