Annoying Clicks

  Sealer 10:49 10 Jan 2004

I am getting Annoying Clicks from my pc speaker, (Not my ext speaks) on start-up. Also whenever i click display properties/ F1 for help on my desktop. I am also crashing far too often since hearing those clicks. Yes I have just installed a new Aopen FX5600 card, but that surly isnt the prob, Is it? Any ideas please?

  Gongoozler 11:05 10 Jan 2004

Hi Sealer, I think that this is most likely caused by the installation of the new graphics card, or rather the drivers. The clicking is almost certainly caused by a resource conflict. Have a look at the Aopen web site and see if there are any updated drivers.

  Sealer 11:59 10 Jan 2004

I am on my way. If I dont crash first :-)

  Sealer 15:22 10 Jan 2004

I resolved the clicks by reinstalling. Installed new drivers and it Still crashed as soon as I tried any large graphics or fast graphic movment. Just re-installed my radeon ddr and all seems to be back to normal(for now) At least I have a £100 card that can live in a box! :-(

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