Annoying Buzz

  Eraflooz 03:26 03 Jan 2003
  Eraflooz 03:26 03 Jan 2003

Hi again...When scrolling I get a real bad fuzz and I'm trying to figure it out but am not having much luck...I've disabled play sounds in webpages, I ditched the onboard sound and added a sound card...I do not know what else to do...(petty problem I know but it is very annoying!!)

  wawadave 04:25 03 Jan 2003

open up the side of computer and see if you can see where the sound is comeing from.
might be cpu fam starting to go?

  Eraflooz 04:35 03 Jan 2003

the fuzzy sound i am getting only happens if i scroll when music is playing, and the sound is coming through the speakers ...not the fan, but thanks:o).

  Old PC man 11:04 03 Jan 2003

Are you using a wireless mouse?

It may be that the radio signal from the scroll wheel on your mouse is being picked up by the speaker cables and is transponded into a sound wave by the speaker cones.

Does it happen if you pick up the scroll bars on the page border? If not then this may be the problem.

Try changing the frequency on the mouse or moving the mouse receiver to a different location away from any other cables.

  DieSse 11:32 03 Jan 2003

As a last resort, if you've got a seperate sound card, try moving it to a slot further away from the grahics card.

Also, if there's a seperate CD-Audio cable, make sure it's as away from the graphics card as you can get it.

  DieSse 11:34 03 Jan 2003

Sorry - see you changed the sound card already.

Try a new audio cable (if used)

Try removing the audio cable, and using the digital sound capability (I never fit audio cables any more.

  Old PC man 17:29 14 Jan 2003

when you try to help and the thread produces an unfinished symphony.

Come on Eraflooz what happened to your buzz?

  Eraflooz 23:57 15 Jan 2003

ha ha...I still have the buzz!! Thanks for your concern! I bought a new soundcard and disabled the onboard sound, I moved the card a couple slots away from my display adapter, and i removed the audio cable that connects the cd to the sound card and I still have this annoying buuzz...It happens when I am listening to music and I try to scroll down the page...whether I use the scroll wheel on the mouse, the buttons on the scroll bar or even when grabbing the scroll bar itself...If anyone has any ideas please let me know cuz I listen to a lot of music and I hate it when a problem so small wreaks havoc on something so important!! :o) Thanks again....

  Old PC man 10:39 16 Jan 2003

Good to have the news, shame it's not good news.

What happens if you use headphones? Do you still get the buzz?

Try both direct from the headphone socket on the CD player, if there is one, and from the sound card output.

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  Tog 12:43 16 Jan 2003

Does it happen if you use the up/down arrows on the keyboard instead of the mouse?

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