annoyance! ...file associations

  Superstylin 16:29 10 Jun 2005

every time i try to retrieve pics from my digicam they open with (are retrieved by) adobe photo' downloader. i have to cancel this and then wait for windows removable disk window to show so i can do what i like with the pics.

how do i stop adobe opening the pics? don't you just hate it when newly installed programs hijack filetypes!

  ventanas 16:39 10 Jun 2005

Adobe is probably set as the default action. To change it right click the drive in My Computer and choose Properties, and then the Autoplay Tab. On the top line choose pictures from the droppdown list and then check the radio button. Pick an action from the list, reset defaults or ask for a prompt.

  Superstylin 17:13 10 Jun 2005

did as you said, restoring defaults didn't change anything so asked for prompt. next time i tried to download pics it prompted but still loaded adobe downloader. cancelled downloader and chose open files for viewing on prompt and tried again but STILL adobe downloader comes up first!

  DieSse 18:09 10 Jun 2005

"are retrieved by" is a little different to "opened with"

You may have to change the file that's associated with the camera being connected, rather than
pictures being opened.

  Chris Webster 22:43 10 Jun 2005

Are you downloading your photos directly from your camera?

If your camera uses a memory card you could buy a multi card reader and use the card in that, it would also conserve you camera batteries too. If you're using Win ME or above you won't need any drivers for the card reader, just plug it into your USB port and your computer will detect it.

Cheers, Chris.

  Superstylin 12:42 13 Jun 2005

still not resolved...diesse, adobe downloader seems to do both things, it retrieves the pics and immediately opens them for basic editing. more importantly, how do i change the file associated with the camera? the file being jpeg

chris...yep downloading from camera on it's cradle. i could buy a card reader but i'd much rather use the cradle as i've already gots lots of peripherals hogging space on my desk!

  DieSse 13:26 13 Jun 2005

Win98, ME, 2000 or XP? please

  Superstylin 20:14 13 Jun 2005

win xp

  Technotiger 21:21 13 Jun 2005

Why not try click here


  Superstylin 23:24 13 Jun 2005

but i like the way windows deals with downloaded pics and i really don't wanna populate my system with unnecessary programs. i have tried irfanview before though and it is a good viewer.

  Superstylin 01:51 18 Aug 2005

i uninstalled photoshop elements...i can't be doing with programs monopolising file types. i never used the thing anyway!

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