Silverbeard 16:58 13 Jul 2003

Hi all

My wife has just asked me a question that I can't answer. This happens all too frequently! It doesn't really fit on this forum so if it annoys please delete it.

In the Wallace and Grommit type animations, is the voice matched to the animation or the other way round! As far as I am concerned it's a bit like the "chicken and egg" question, but she is not satisfied with that. Can any of you knowledgable (spelling?) people please help me out?

Many thanks


  rubella 17:07 13 Jul 2003

surely the sound must be constant and the animation accelerated or retarded accordingly.

  sil_ver 17:14 13 Jul 2003

I would suppose that the animation works to a storyboard which would include dialogue, so the characters would mouth the words and then the voice would be dubbed afterwards. Then again, what do I know. Step forward Nick Park ;-)

  Silverbeard 17:16 13 Jul 2003

Hi Rubella
Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I think you you are probably right, but could they match voice to lip movements and facial expressions like that?


  Silverbeard 17:24 13 Jul 2003

Sorry Sil_ver, just missed your post. I think your explanation might satisfy my wife,s quest for knowledge. It seems plausible to me any way.



  sil_ver 17:35 13 Jul 2003

'You can fool some of the people' etc..........

You have a silver beard? If so, Snap!

  Silverbeard 17:46 13 Jul 2003

That's right Sil_ver, my silver is there for all to see. My pocket silver leaks away so fast I hardly get a chance to look at it!


  jazzypop 17:58 13 Jul 2003

According to click here you animate first, then add the voiceover.

I'm sure that if you buy the W&G DVD, there will be a 'making the movie' section :)

Anyway, whatever Google says, the answer is that your wife is right - always!

  Silverbeard 18:50 13 Jul 2003

Thanks Jazzypop for that comprehensive reply. Unfortunately my wife saw your closing comment..... need I say more?!


  rubella 19:57 13 Jul 2003

"Nick carefully synchronises Wallace's lip and face movements to the recording made of Wallace's voice by actor Peter Sallis. He works with 'dope sheets' which break down the speech into phonetics on a frame by frame basis. This allows him to know exactly what sound is being made by the character at any point in the shot. Actually establishing what the lip and face movements are is a matter of repeating the words over and over, more often than not while watching himself in a mirror to catch the essence of each facial gesture."

click here

  sil_ver 20:07 13 Jul 2003

I bet your glad you asked now ;-)

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