Animation software, can you help please?

  LAP 09:36 27 Mar 2010

I create basic gif animations for my wife's web site using Adobe Elements. I would like to use Adobe Flash type software, but the price is way to high.

I have been searching the web with no luck. Can you suggest any software I don’t mind paying up to £100. Thank you.

  Belatucadrus 10:01 27 Mar 2010

But these may be of interest :-
3D Canvas click here
Anim8or click here
Blender click here

  LAP 12:50 27 Mar 2010

Thanks Belatucadrus, I have looked at the sites as you not exactly what I want. All I want is something that I can create slightly better gifs than I do now without the laborious one frame after another. thanks again.

  LAP 14:01 27 Mar 2010

Thanks Marg7 I am looking at your suggestions.

  LAP 14:52 27 Mar 2010

Thanks again Marg7. I agree re DrawPlus SE and exporting as flash files. As for Sqirlz morph I will try this over the next day or so, although it looks as if it will take a long time to create.

Perhaps I am expecting to much? I will update on how I get on. Cheers.

  LAP 12:49 28 Mar 2010

Marg7 I have downloaded Gimp. Having been used to Adobe elements this looks complex,,, ( perhaps it's just me wanting easy life!!!) I will have a go and see if I can get what I want.

I will leave the thread open and come back later (much later!!!) Thank you all for your help.

  LAP 16:12 28 Mar 2010

Marg7 I did try sqirlz.morph, but having read your last 2 messages I was doing it wrong. ie I was importing an already created pic. From what you have just said I need to create a basic drawing/sketch then import this.

What I had been doing was to complex for sqirlz.morph. i will try again. Cheers.

  LAP 17:37 30 Mar 2010

Marg7 Thanks. I will be having a go this weekend and let you know how I got on next week. Cheers.

  LAP 12:15 02 Apr 2010

Marg7 Had a go with Gimp, this to me was a very good tool very similar to Adobe Elements. I am amazed that this is free! As for sqirlz.morph this is a fun tool. I have now ticked this as resolved. Thank you for your help.

  Roadgiant 12:44 03 Apr 2010

Give Swishminimax a try for flash animations :- click here if I remember correctly you can downlooad it as time limited trial before purchasing it.

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