dlguk 22:46 22 Mar 2006

Can anyone help me to save and insert an animation? You know the kind that one sees on emails etc.

Thank you


  johnnyrocker 23:00 22 Mar 2006

right click copy (or cut) paste where you want it?


  Stuartli 23:17 22 Mar 2006

Not quite correct if you read the question properly.

diguk says: "You know, the kind that one sees on emails etc."

  dlguk 19:59 07 Apr 2006

I would like to save my email and after reinstallation of XP to restore them. I have tried *dbx and have had no joy, any help out there.



  dlguk 20:46 07 Apr 2006

Any particular link??

  dlguk 20:47 07 Apr 2006

any particurlar link ??

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