stephen0205 16:03 07 Apr 2005

im interested in animation like for clips but have no desent software i need soft ware that call create humans and make them move and walk stuff like that 2 use them on scenes and software to make them talk i m interested in this to create small clips or a movie and ideas about some software and where i can purchase it thanx guys.

  Yoda Knight 16:05 07 Apr 2005

Have you tried Flash animation ? 3DMAX will do it to, but its a resource H.O.G and probably overkill for what you want

  stephen0205 16:07 07 Apr 2005

i fancy creation clips and movies somin to do

  rubella 16:10 07 Apr 2005

I get good results with Animation Shop. It's free with Paint Shop Pro 9, but can be bought separately.

click here

  stephen0205 16:21 07 Apr 2005

anymore and do these do what i want like make people walk and move and put im backgrounds and stuff like that or is it just for sertian thinks and specify those things

  Belatucadrus 16:57 07 Apr 2005

click here Amabilis 3D canvas free.

click here Blender 3D.

click here Anim8or.

All free

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