Animated Gifs Dont Animate in AOL 7.0 !!!!!!!!!

  Mad Boy 17:44 24 Feb 2003

For some reason i cant get anything working correctly in AOL.

Before (and stil on some occasions) i cant save graphics as the the save dialog box displays *.ART instead of *.Gif or Jpeg etc (i turned off compressing graphics aswell but no change)

Anyway before i could see gifs animate, unless these particular ones dont animate, their not animating!

please check this link and tell me if it should animate so i know that i have nothing to worry about:

click here

  Mad Boy 17:46 24 Feb 2003

i just clicked on the link i posted to see if it was correct and its animating!


  Mad Boy 17:48 24 Feb 2003

Ummm, now i clicked on another gif from this list and no animation! somethings horribly dodgee here?

click here

  Djohn 17:50 24 Feb 2003

All work for me, and I'm on aol. J.

  Mad Boy 17:52 24 Feb 2003


  Djohn 18:00 24 Feb 2003

All work for me, and I'm on aol. :o)

  MAJ 18:04 24 Feb 2003

Not sure if it'll work for AOL (I don't use it), but try emptying your Temporary Internet Files folder.

  wetterfugal 23:27 24 Feb 2003

I am with AOL and I have just clicked your link and go a blank Tripod headed page but the animation "remote.gif" did not appear.

Aol use IE embedded in thier program but it acts diferently. If I have trouble I load IE seperately and it usually resolves the problem. You coul try that.

Have you tried creating an "Active Desktop" and saving animation to that? I have a three animations taken from web pages running, a dog running back and forth upto a yorkshire terrier doing cartwheels. I also have a animated map of the world showing positions of satlites and the sun at this current time

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