Animated E-mail signatures

  Dirty Dick 17:46 26 May 2005

Can anybody point me in the right direction to find a source for FREE animated e-mail signatures?



  kyprosman 17:47 26 May 2005
  kyprosman 17:49 26 May 2005
  Dirty Dick 18:09 26 May 2005

Thanks - but I was looking at the kind that look as though a pen is actually signing the e-mail. Apologies, I wasn't very clear. Also I've seen some free downloads where you can type your name, and then save the HTML code that is produced into your e-mail client, like Hotmail or Outlook Express.

  kyprosman 20:18 26 May 2005

click here right click on your name and save. Andy

  Eastender 20:30 26 May 2005
  smokingbeagle 02:09 27 May 2005


  picklsey 04:59 27 May 2005

for ref. thanks

  smokingbeagle 19:28 27 May 2005


  Mat2 19:30 27 May 2005

For my posting for ref, thanks guys.

  Dirty Dick 20:35 27 May 2005

Sorry -Don't understand you guys !!!

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