Animated avatars

  whisked 01:37 23 Jan 2003
  whisked 01:37 23 Jan 2003

Ok, i want to save an animated avatar to my pc but right clicking on it just leaves a still of it as a gif or jpg, what am i doing wrong?

  Djohn 01:42 23 Jan 2003

Think you need to right click on avitar then choose properties and copy/paste the url and save that. J.

  SafeHaven 01:50 23 Jan 2003

whisked...i hate to mention this but you need permission from the maker and website before you can use the avatar because if they find out which thay can!! it's theft of copy rights and bandwidth. Just thought i would point that out being a victim of bandwidth theft :(

  whisked 01:57 23 Jan 2003

Surely no theft when website owner actively encourages you to use them? :)

  SafeHaven 02:00 23 Jan 2003

No it's not but some people are on the understanding that anyone can just take things at will. i was just pointing it out incase you didnt know and to save you problems in the future tc pat

  whisked 02:06 23 Jan 2003

No problem Safehaven, although im not one of the ones who thinks they can just help themselves!

Im sure your words of wisdom will make others who are think twice though. :)

Now all i have to do is resize the blasted thing!

Cheers for replies guys.

  Stokey 09:47 23 Jan 2003

You can "save picture as" when obtaining these things and they remain still (in your folder) but spring to life when put to actual use.

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