Android upgrade downloag

  SparkyJack 08:02 11 Sep 2014

Is it feasible ?

Having purchased a tablet with KitKat as a birthday gift for one of my kinder l got to wondering if it was possible to download it to upgrade my existing ICS tablet.

I notice many software sites offering it as a download and install.

Has any one achieved it,and what results/problems ensued.

  SparkyJack 08:18 11 Sep 2014

Mt tablet is Jellybean only ne below KitKat , not ICS as above

  The Kestrel 12:25 11 Sep 2014

It will depend upon the manufacturer of the tablet as to whether it can be upgraded to Kitkat. If you go to settings on the tablet and then system information, there should be a link to system updates. If you tap this it will inform you whether or not any updates are available. Having said that, most tablets will automatically tell you when a system update is available.

  SparkyJack 12:59 11 Sep 2014

I looked in section mentioned Updates available , it simply reads 'system uptodate' giving the time.

Presumably therefore the system is 'locked' to 'Jellybean'


  lotvic 18:05 11 Sep 2014

My galaxy tab 10.1 is on ICS 4.0.4 and when I click on Software update it tells me no download available. So kitkat hasn't been released for it yet. Don't know if it ever will be?

  compumac 18:38 11 Sep 2014


I have the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I seem to recollect on one of the Android forums that it would not be updated. Fortunately I also have the 10.5 Tab as well. Wife using 10.1.

  rdave13 19:46 11 Sep 2014

My Nexus 7 2012 updated to KitKat. Wow. No difference at all.

My Windows phone updated from 8 to 8.1 and a hell of a difference.

Jellybean's ok, the machine works so I wouldn't bother, personally.

  lotvic 19:55 11 Sep 2014

If no more updates for mine I'm not bothered about getting KitKat for my galaxy (on ICS) as it works ok and does all I want it to as it is.

  SparkyJack 07:37 12 Sep 2014

So it seems that unlike regular computers ,the O/S is 'locked in' at time of manufacture, and moving platforms so to speak is not an option in most cases.

  bumpkin 09:18 12 Sep 2014

I know that I could not upgrade my Jellybean 4.1 to version 4.2 when I wanted to about a year ago.

  SparkyJack 11:49 12 Sep 2014

Reminiscent of pre-PC macinesvof thirty years ago, the O/s on the likes of Atari was on ROM's to change to a later version,it was a case of buying the chips and out with the solder iron.

This ain't going to happen with a tablet me thinks.

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