Android Tablet Storing Movies On Micro SDCard

  tabletnewbie 22:01 20 Mar 2012

I have recently purchased an Android tablet and would appreciate any advice/help regards firstly, if I want to store movies on my 32gb micro sdhc card I believe I can take a DVD and 'rip' it then store it on the card in a smaller format. My question is what is the best software to 'rip' a DVD, even if I have to pay for it and is it easy to do. Secondly I understand that I could also go to a website and buy a movie download, can I do this to my storage card or do I do this to my laptop first than drag the movie over to my storage card? If this method is best then any advice re websites with a lot of choice of movies would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any info.

  robin_x 23:23 20 Mar 2012

I believe the law has still not been changed in the UK to allow personal use RIPs of commercial DVDs.

You should be in a permitted country to do this.

Defeating DRM encoding can also be illegal in some countries

See here

  tabletnewbie 23:56 20 Mar 2012

Thank you for your reply. If the alternative is legal as in purchasing a movie online from a website are there any recommendations ie. sites that have a large choice of films and as before my question is can I download it straight to the micro sd card or do I have to save to my laptop etc.

Many thanks again and any help or advice would be appreciated.

  markd71 23:56 20 Mar 2012

Try ''ANYDVD''

  lotvic 01:17 21 Mar 2012

"can I download it straight to the micro sd card" as a location no reason why not and as long as there is enough room for the file size.

Of course it would depend on how you have the micro sd card formatted. for example: FAT32 has an individual file size limit of 1 byte less than 4Gb More Info

Then you have to think about Android tablet where you are going to play the film and what file system that equipment can use. No use thinking to format the micro sd card to NTFS to take files bigger than 4Gb if the tablet won't be able to read it.

Not so simple to answer....

  markd71 05:34 21 Mar 2012
  tabletnewbie 22:40 22 Mar 2012

Thank you all for your replies and advice, at least now I have some idea about software etc. Thanks again.

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