Android tablet for the near end of the year ahem!

  rdave13 21:23 13 Jun 2012

Santa needs to bring two Android tablets to my house at the near end of the year. I know technology goes from leaps to bounds but any suggestions from today's tech. on what is the best Android and what to look out for? Bearing in mind two children are aged 9 and 7. I haven't a clue about these tablets. Obviously they should not be overly expensive, as my lad will surely find a way of breaking it, but not too cheap either. I've been on Amazon and noticed that ram and storage have been upgraded for the same price. Wondering if Android is the way to go because Apple is out of my financial league. Thanks.

  T0SH 21:56 13 Jun 2012

Have a look on Amazon for Cube U9GT2 they are 9.7" capacitive touch screen (the same high quality screen as the ipad2`s have) running Android 4 ICS they come with either 8 or 16 GB internal micro sd cards, I have used both but was unable to notice any real difference, prices vary quite a bit so shop around

Cheers HC

  rdave13 22:07 13 Jun 2012

Thanks for that Tosh, but this one shows No Android Market Support. I suppose this is important for games?

  Taff™ 09:37 14 Jun 2012

rdave13 - I think it does.

"Access tons of games, magazine, music, social entertainment apps and more from official android market! "

Speaking from personal experience I can recommend the Motorola Xoom which we have in the household. It works solidly with all the games, Office documents (But with some limitations) and you can add a 32Gb Micro SD card as well. You're looking at the wi-fi version 10.1" scree around £340 and the smaller media edition at just under £300

  scotty 12:32 14 Jun 2012

For 9 and 7 year olds I would consider a 7" tablet. There are a selection of 7" Android tablets for £70-100 which should keep kids happy.

I would definitely leave purchasing until December as this is a fast changing market.

  T0SH 16:10 14 Jun 2012

The Cube U9GT2 comes with Google Play Store installed this is the latest version of Android Market

Cheers HC

  rdave13 20:26 14 Jun 2012

Thank you both for the great advice. Much appreciated. Will keep an eye on the market to see what deal I can get.

  chub_tor 20:36 14 Jun 2012

When making you choice look for those with capacitive rather than resistive screens. The latter require a harder push and are less reliable.

  rdave13 20:42 14 Jun 2012

Thanks chub_tor, something like this I'll keep in mind.

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