Android Tablet that can Screen Mirror

  165237 23:00 30 Apr 2018

I thought this would be an easy problem to solve and I would have a choice of Android tablets. I want a DECENT preferably 8 inch'ish Android tablet that has either a dedicated HDMI output or can via USB-C be hard wired to a TV to screen mirror. I have been searching the net for a while and all the information on potential tablets just seems to conflict regarding their capabilities for connectivity to TVs! There is no WiFi where I am going so cannot use Chromecast etc and only has HDMI input and not a smart TV. Is there such a tablet out there that is not cheap and nasty as I already have a Irulu which performance has much to be desired?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:25 30 Apr 2018

There is no WiFi where I am going so cannot use Chromecast

you can set the chromecast to make its own wifi hotspot and connect the tablet or phones wifi to that.

usually to hard wire to a TV you need a micro USB to HDMI cable

Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the better tablets just check it has MHL support to connect a micro USB to HDMI cable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:27 30 Apr 2018

click here chromecast without wifi

  165237 17:35 01 May 2018

Thanks for your response. For information just in case anybody else goes around the loop.I talked to Samsung and the only one with MHL functionality is their 9.7 inch Galaxy S2 and this has the normal micro usb. The Lenovo 10inch also has the MHL and micro usb but both are £360+ so there is no cheap option I can find unless I go to an Apple mini 32GB but I just preferred Android.

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