Android PIM

  morddwyd 16:08 01 Sep 2013

Anyone recommend a decent Android PIM?

I've been using Pocket Informant but it has become quite flaky and I've lost some important data.

I know there are lots out there, looking for some personal thoughts

  HenryF75 10:28 02 Sep 2013

A lot depends on how much you wish to spend. I bought a Coby Kyros 6" tablet through the internetlast year for about £60 and it is giving sterling service as a PIM. The diary and contacts sync with with MS Outlook 2013 using Companion Link and the built in E Mail is first class. I do not use this machine for much else though it has full internet capability. It can also connect to the internet through my 3g dongle.

  Woolwell 12:41 02 Sep 2013

A misunderstanding of the question - Android PIM app wanted. When I had android I used the built in pim through Google contacts and calendar. A page of pims

  SimpleSimon1 16:01 02 Sep 2013

Hi Morddwyd

Personally, I've never found an android PIM that does everything I want, in a way that I like! However, I do find that a combo of Wunderlist & CalenGoo for Event and Task Management plus Evernote for everything else, works pretty well. CalenGoo also integrates with Google Tasks but I haven't looked into that aspect yet cos Wunderlist is a very nice [free] task manger which meets my [admittedly, reasonably simple) requirements. I picked up CalenGoo free from the Amamzon App Store (£4.63, normally) but Business Calendar from Appgenix (comes in free and paid - £3.99 - versions) is a good alternative which my wife swears by.

Of course, this assumes that your planning is 'Google-centric' but since I've never been able to get decent bomb-proof integration between Outlook and Android, I've shifted over to Google as my main planning tool.

Good luck

  morddwyd 20:28 02 Sep 2013

Thanks for the responses, particularly the page of PIMs and suggested solution.

I must say I am hanging on a bit to business use, which I don't really need now.

The only events I need to manage are medical appointments (though God knows there are enough of those!) so I really only need a well programmable task manager.

Oh for Lotus Organizer for Andtoid!

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