Android or Apple OS for tablet?

  stlucia2 12:29 29 Mar 2018

My Samsung Android tablet is getting very long in the tooth, so I want to replace it with something more modern. I was disappointed to find that Samsung's latest offerings come with either 'M' or 'N' versions of Android OS even though the current version is 'Oreo'. I've been in contact with Samsung UK and they tell me there's no plans to automatically update Android to the current version if I buy one that has an out-of-date version on it, like their phones do.

So I'm wondering (shock horror!) if Apple automatically updates its OS when, and after, you buy one of their tablets. Or do any other reputable mainstream Android tablet manufacturers offer automatic upgrades?

  Pine Man 12:49 29 Mar 2018

Apple do update their OS free of charge, and automatically, and will continue to do so until the device is no longer supported.

  Forum Editor 12:49 29 Mar 2018

"So I'm wondering (shock horror!) if Apple automatically updates its OS when, and after, you buy one of their tablets."

The answer to that is yes, but not forever. There comes a point when the device you purchased is no longer updated, but that's true of pretty well every tech device - it's certainly the case with all smartphones.

  wee eddie 13:03 29 Mar 2018

FE ~ That means that I'm going to have to make the man that walks in front of my car, with a flag, redundant!

  stlucia2 13:18 29 Mar 2018

Thanks for those quick replies -- presumably from Apple users. Anything from the Android camp?

As an Android user what changes will I see if I switch to an Apple tablet? My wife uses mine at the moment, but she's not very computer-savvy so will get confused if things change radically. And at the moment some aspects of my data sync with that on my Android phone (address book and calendar), so are there ways of achieving sync between Apple and Android -- and no, I'm not going to replace my phone too!

  Forum Editor 17:49 29 Mar 2018

"Apple tend to support devices longer with updates to the OS. Android you'll only get about two Official OS updates from manufactures."

It gets complicated.

Android is way ahead of iOS in terms of its modularity. System updates on Android devices tend to be less relevant than on Apple devices because Android system apps (Play Store, Gmail, Maps, Calendar etc.) are updated independently of the operating system.

For that reason, if you are going to be using the same device over a long period, you'll generally be better off if it's Android - better to soldier on with an older Android version with regularly updated apps than an older iOS version with out of date apps.

In the end, it comes down to personal preferences, and those are not always based on logic. I use both systems - iOS for tablets and Android (Samsung Galaxies) for phones. Give me a Galaxy over an iPhone every time.

  [DELETED] 19:44 29 Mar 2018

I'll go with FE somewhat. Three dated iPad2's gathering dust. Two replaced by iPhone 5s' and the other replaced by an iPad 4. That's the family.

Me.. I have an older Windows phone 520 running Windows 8, A Nexus 7 2012 version that the battery only allows about six hours continuous use now, but can still browse and check emails etc. Bought a Fire HD 8" tablet and the adverts seem like decorations now, but is much faster and does what it does well.

My children wouldn't entertain any other phone other than Apple. So upgrades come a few years later, from the likes of MusicMagpie, reconditioned phones.

  stlucia2 19:58 29 Mar 2018

After this morning's responses I had almost convinced myself that I should try Apple for my tablet. I see that Google Drive, which I use to store stuff from my PC which I might want on my tablet when I'm travelling, is available for iOS. So I know I have at least one means of connectivity between the systems.

But FE's latest post has got me dithering again: I think, FE, you're saying that Apple's apps don't get updated until there's an update of the OS by Apple. If that's the case, I agree that maybe I will be better off with Android in the long term because of its regular updates of apps, though another factor in that debate is, if the apps are all working, why do they need to be updated? I've got to the point now with my tablet where some apps I would like to install are not compatible with my older Android version (4.2.2).

It still annoys me though that I can buy an Android tablet today with a version of Android that's already out of date, and get no guarantee of an automatic OS update from the manufacturer.

  [DELETED] 20:12 29 Mar 2018

In my limited experience my choice would be an Apple phone and an Android tablet.

  Forum Editor 22:37 29 Mar 2018

With respect, I feel that you might be placing too much emphasis on the importance of regular or frequent OS updates.

Millions of us are getting along pretty well with both iOS and Android devices which are updated as and when updates come along. You are not suddenly going to find that your device, whatever it is, doesn't work, or is in some way compromised because it hasn't been updated as often as you would like.

My Android based smart TV offered me an update this evening, and when it had finished installing there was no way I could discern that was any different.

You say "It still annoys me though that I can buy an Android tablet today with a version of Android that's already out of date, and get no guarantee of an automatic OS update from the manufacturer."

To which I might say well, don't buy it then. Manufacturers offer devices for sale, and consumers either buy them or they don't. You'll never have a situation where a manufacturer will sell items with a written guarantee of automatic updates.

We all make choices for our own reasons. I like iOS tablets and Android phones, and rdave13 likes Android tablets and iOS phones; neither of us is right or wrong, because there is no right or wrong in this context.

  stlucia2 08:43 30 Mar 2018

I agree that maybe I am placing too much emphasis, but my Tab 2 is gradually stopping working to a certain extent: Its native browser is unable to connect to several web sites now, with some reporting that it's 'no longer supported' and others simply not working when user input is required. And I've also come across one or two apps that can't be installed because they require Android 6.0 or higher. The browser I can get around for the moment by using Google Chrome, though I and my wife both prefer the simplicity of the native one.

But you're right, I can either take what they offer, or leave it. I'll finally make up my mind some time next month, and price will come into the equation as well as OS version ;-)

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