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android nokia phone photo transfer

  alibob1526 17:45 14 Mar 2014

I have a Nokia Lumia 520 phone but am unable to move photos from phone to pc despite connecting a cable. I was told to use something called Zune but when I put Zune in my browser I was given a number of places to download from bu the ones I tried wanted various other items downloaded, like pc cleaner & the like. What is the best & easiest program to use for this?.

  martd7 18:16 14 Mar 2014

I have a Nokia 925 im presuming its the same operation for any win8 phone,connect the cable from the phone to the pc the pc should see the phone as a "mass storage" device,open it,navigate your way to the gallery and copy the photos to the pc,works for me

what operating system is your pc?

  john bunyan 19:50 14 Mar 2014

I always prefer, on any phone or camera, to keep photos or music on a removable card. I think your phone accepts micro SD, so it would be far easier to get a card reader (ASDA £5) and transfer to the OC with that. For a free photo software, I suggest I believe you can set the phone to save to the removable storage.

If you have another programme, fine. I hate having to keep loading individual camera's or phone software. Just create a folder on your PC for downloaded photos and import them.

  chub_tor 10:34 15 Mar 2014

The 520 has bluetooth so you can always use that to transfer files to your PC. If the PC does not have it fitted then you can always buy one of these tiny usb button dongles

  chub_tor 10:38 15 Mar 2014

Incidentally your headline is wrong, As others have pointed out the Nokia Lumia 520 has Windows 8 as its operating system and not Android. I also have one and it is a good phone but I wish it had a camera flash. Wish I could afford the 925, that is a great phone.

  martd7 11:50 15 Mar 2014


ive had a few problems with my 925,dropping calls been the main one but i wouldnt swap it for any iphone or android its just so good and the latest Lumia black update makes the phone even better

  alibob1526 16:36 29 Mar 2014

Thanks to all who replied, job done Thanks for your help.alibob

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