Android file system etc.

  john bunyan 15:08 22 Dec 2012

Just got ,for a relative, Samsung Galaxy tablet, which has a 32Gig micro SD card.Android is the O/S. For my W7 I use the classic filing system of "My Documents" with sub and sub sub folders for photos, Word, Music etc. Also all discs etc are formatted to NTFS. Is there a built in "Windows Explorer" style filing system with Android and does one (if so how) format micro SD cards to NTFS? If not is there a good free app? Back ups will be done via cloud or via drop-box to another PC, but is there a "Acronis True Image" equivalent for Android?

  john bunyan 16:14 22 Dec 2012


Thanks for prompt reply, as usual!!

  compumac 16:16 22 Dec 2012

I use File Manager HD from Rhythm Software on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and found it to be very effective and very much like using Windows Explorer. Look in Play Store.

  john bunyan 16:32 22 Dec 2012

compumac . Thanks. Also I am looking at Notpod which, I believe, allows syncing with iTunes.

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