Android Disgo tablet 6000 **Help needed**

  1887 21:48 15 May 2012

Hi All

We`ve just brought our daughter a Disgo Tablet 6000 for her birthday but cant currently get it to work on the internet. It connects to the wireless router fine but when trying to gain any internet site it comes up not available. Its currently running on the latest 2.2 operating software. So any help or advice would be muchly appreciated.

Kind Regards

  ams4127 23:03 15 May 2012

Its currently running on the latest 2.2 operating software

The latest version is 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). I assume you have entered the router password correctly.

  Woolwell 23:52 15 May 2012

But 4.0 is almost certainly not available for the Disgo and is not even up to 2.3.6

I'm not familiar with the Disgo but a Google search indicates that other have had similar problems with internet dropping out. If this is brand new then I suggest taking it back. 09:24 16 May 2012

Hi there,

We are sorry to hear that the device is not connecting to the internet.

Please try the following which may help to resolve the issue.

Reboot the tablet and toggle off/on the Wi-Fi tick mark in Wi-Fi settings. Please also ‘Forget’ your network and try reconnecting.

If this does not help, check your wireless router setup to select “Wireless b/g compatibility” or “legacy” modes on Wireless N type routers. The Tablet 6000 is Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g compatible only and is not ‘n’ compatible.

If the device is still not connecting, safely remove the MicroSD card from the device and complete a Factory Reset on the unit. This can be done via the Settings menu > Privacy > Factory Reset. The Factory Reset will format the device and should resolve the potential conflict with the wireless.

To further test the device, if possible, please try connecting the device to a different network. This will confirm if the device is conflicting with your network or if there is an actual fault with the device. If the device is found to be faulty, it should be returned to the place of purchase.

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at


  rickf 11:53 16 May 2012

That's a good service response.

  ams4127 17:35 16 May 2012

Indeed it is. Most impressive.

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