Android can't detect Laptop wifi

  theinlinaung2010 17:35 21 Jun 2012

I set up a wifi network on my laptop in windows and find it on my android phone. I scanned for wifi networks and it didn't show my network. Other devices such as laptops could find it. My connection showed "Waiting for users" but my android didn't scan or find it. My android version is 2.3.7

  lotvic 20:40 21 Jun 2012

Please could you re-write your post and be a lot clearer on what the problem is. The way you have put it at the moment it is very unclear.

  Woolwell 13:07 22 Jun 2012

Wifi networks are normally set up on the router unless you mean you want to network together devices. As lotvic stated need more information.

  theinlinaung2010 19:54 28 Jun 2012

OK, I will explain my problem. What I want to do is to connect my phone with my laptop over a wifi connection. So I added a wireless network from Windows."Network and sharing center > Set up a new connection or network > Manually connect to a wireless network and I typed my network name and password. Network tray icon shows "Waiting for users" but I can't find my network on my android. But an ipod could find it.

  Woolwell 22:06 28 Jun 2012

What do you want to do when the phone is connected to the laptop?

  lotvic 10:21 29 Jun 2012

Is your phone connected okay to the Router?

  theinlinaung2010 02:35 02 Jul 2012

My phone could find the router access point and connected well. I want to share internet connection via wifi and use some wifi-required applications.

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