Android 6.1.0 How remove empty folders

  RISC OS user 14:46 12 Aug 2018

I had photos saved to the internal memory, but have now moved them to the removable MicroSD card, but still have what appear to be empty Folders with the original names but no icon/picture and if tapped on one of these the screen goes black and the loading revolving image appears, if I try to delete the "empty" folder I am advised "Allow SD card access, Photo can't delete items on your SD card, cancel, change settings". I do not wish to remove any of the files from the SD card, and if I do I can do this via USB and my PC. How do I remove these empty folders, they have the cloud symbol with a line through them? Some of the empty folder do in fact have pictures within them and can be displayed, they are the same photos as in the folder with the picture displayed!! I am at a loss, and quite new to Tablets and Android.

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