Ancient Toshiba problem. HDD not recognized

  dangerusone 11:48 01 Jan 2018

I have an very ancient Toshiba Satellite 4060XCDT Laptop given me, when I say ancient it dates back to 2002 no mousepad just a mouse a mousepoint ball in the centry of the keyboard. It has Win XP "4GB HDD" "128KB RAM" I want to put a bigger HDD and more memory but when I put another HDD in it is not recognized, I've tried two different ones and neither will show. Both came from working Laptops. the machine works OK and it's handy to play around with as I have no knowledge of XP system. Can anybody put me on the right track. The existing HDD is a Toshiba made is it anything to do with that. Sorry for being so long winded

  Secret-Squirrel 12:13 01 Jan 2018

Don't waste your time and money on it Dangerous One. The maximum RAM that can be installed is just 192 MB so it'll run like a three-legged dog no matter what you do to it.

  dangerusone 13:42 01 Jan 2018

Secret-Squirrel, it's true the maximum memory is 192MB (I put KB in my post) but I can pick one up very cheap and I have two spare hard drives. I just want it to play around with and find out what I can about XP which I've never used before. I'm also fascinated by the mouse ball in the centre of the keyboard, was this just a Toshiba thing. As you say not worth throwing money at. It works quite well as it is even with the spec it has. XP obviously didn't require such a lot to run it. ie HDD and RAM. I've never come across a 4GB HDD before. There is still 1.6GB free after the OS.

  Aitchbee 14:57 01 Jan 2018

I've never come across a 4GB HDD before.

... just so happens to be the maximum capacity that Amiga computers can handle!

  Secret-Squirrel 16:18 01 Jan 2018

..... but I can pick one up very cheap .........

Adding an extra 64MB won't help much and you'll still be massively disappointed with its performance.

......I have two spare hard drives.............. There is still 1.6GB free after the OS.

Because the original drive's only 40% full, there'll be no advantage in changing it. A larger drive won't make the laptop work any better or faster.

I'm also fascinated by the mouse ball in the centre of the keyboard, was this just a Toshiba thing.

It's called a "Trackpoint" and was very popular a long time ago with lots of manufacturers. The familiar oblong trackpads have now become the pointing device of choice.

By the way, have you actually turned this laptop on yet and booted into XP?

  wee eddie 16:29 01 Jan 2018

Another thing, apart from it being sluggish and not able to run most modern software, is that the battery will have degraded to a point that it is unlikely to hold a charge and a replacement is likely to be ruinously expensive.

  dangerusone 20:20 01 Jan 2018

Secret Squirrel it's working fine in XP which is all I'm bothered with really to find out more about it, quite responsive too. I just would like to know why I cannot get the drives to be recognized.

  dangerusone 20:26 01 Jan 2018

Aitchbee, the original spec on the Toshiba is 4GG HDD & 128MB RAM as I say it dates from 2002. I also had never come across one until this one.

wee Eddie, the lady that had it hadn't used it for about 4 years and the battery is not too bad, I only use my PCs at home so use them with the charger

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:29 01 Jan 2018

What size drive are you trying to fit?

I vaugly remember having to set hard drive setting something in BIOS, Large Block Addressing LBA

  Secret-Squirrel 08:53 02 Jan 2018

.......but when I put another HDD in it is not recognized........

What are you trying to accomplish exactly? What are the symptoms of the problem and do you get any error messages?

Are you perhaps trying to reinstall XP on a different drive or are you trying to boot from a drive that already has an operating system on it?

  dangerusone 19:55 03 Jan 2018

Fruit Bat, I had a look in the BIOS but could not see anything that could refer to Large Block Addressing. As I said the Toshiba is very old and heavy (needs a wheelbarrow to take anywhere) I 'll just have to use it as it is, I only want it to find a little about XP. I was just curious about the size of the HDD as I have never come across one so small 4GB. Thanks to all who tried to help me.

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