Analogue video editing

  [DELETED] 07:57 15 Nov 2003

I want to try my hand at ANALOGUE video editing & before going the whole hog investing in Pinnacle Moviebox DV I thought I’d try my hand at something simpler & cheaper. (I have Win XP on AMD Athlone 1900+ processor with Firewire & USB 1 connections) I presume the easiest way is to buy an analogue capture card to connect to the Firewire & use XP Windows Movie Maker for editing. Any advise on what capture card to get that will produce good quality output would be appreciated also comments from users of Windows Movie Maker.

  [DELETED] 09:59 15 Nov 2003

It all depends on quality, what media you're capturing from. how much hassle you can cope with, and how much you want to edit. If you invest in AIW or Canopus your audio and video is less likely to go out of sync and the quality will be better than the less expensive cards. Are you capturing from an analogue camcord or video?

I've no experience with WMM (and some folk are very happy with it) but a prog like Sony's Screenblast Movie Studio click here will have you hooked in no time.

  [DELETED] 11:00 15 Nov 2003

WMM is avery basic video editing tool with not very many twiddly bits however if you upgrade to the WMM2 version then that situation is improved. It is however a good starting point if you dont want to invest cash until you are sure what you want.
Why dont you checkout this forum click here where you will get some expert advice. Note! the forum changed very recently so to view back threads you will need to follow the links to the old archived threads. There is one giving a good write up on WMM2.

  [DELETED] 07:07 16 Nov 2003

Thanks for responses.
MichelleC - I shall be editing from both Hi8 & a considerable number of VHS tapes.
Bagsey - I have upgraded to WMM2 version but it appears that not many Forum members user WMM as no-one else has responeded to this part of the thread

  [DELETED] 10:05 16 Nov 2003

If you get hold of the Hauppauge PVR-250 PCI card it'll give you both analogue inputs, a tv-tuner and realtime mpeg2 encoding to hard-drive...

The card comes with software for everything including dvd-editing, but, I've tried Ulead Video Studio and it seems to have a lot of kewl features for £32...

  [DELETED] 06:58 19 Nov 2003

Am trying to pluck up courage to order Canopus ADVC 100. I know this is an expensive solution but after reading the various threads & links I feel it will be cheaper in the long run rather than get something that only just does the job & then have frustration when running it & possible upgrade later. Will update thread when things come to fruition

  [DELETED] 08:46 19 Nov 2003

Did you go to this video editing forum. There is a good write up on there about WMM2. See my earlier posting Re changed software on that site and using archived threads.
click here
I personally havent used WWM2 but did experiment with WWM1 with some success. However I did find int restrictive. Think carefully before you go to a big program like Adobe Premier etc . They are excellent but the learning curve is long and frustrating for a beginner.I would cut my teeth on a much cheaper and more user friendly bit of software. My personal preference is for Pinnacle gear as I find it to be very intuitive. But of course that is just a personal choice. Throw up your questions on the editing forum and the chap who runs it is a mine of information.
Also look at click here or click here for a LOT of help.

  scotty 09:55 19 Nov 2003

An alternative to the analogue capture card would be a Sony Digital8 camcorder. Most models will play Hi8 tapes directly. I have a TRV240 which also accepts analogue input so it should accept output from VHS video player. This might be a good alternative particularly if your are planning on replacing your Hi8 camcorder with a digital one.

  [DELETED] 10:33 19 Nov 2003

I agree with scotty. You can hook up vcr and firewire in pc via dv cam. Make sure if you go this route the Sony has dv 'passthrough' as not all models have it.

  Newuser4165 13:16 19 Nov 2003

I've recently bought the Leadtek TV2000Xp Expert analogue capture card for £50 (ebuyer).
Has TV and FM radio,composite and svideo inputs .It also comes with a 9pin svideo/audio input lead - saves using the line -in on the pc sound card but you do need to connect a separate audio lead (supplied)between the Leadtek and the sound card .
Comes with Winfast PVR software together with Ulead Moviefactory 2SE and Videostudio 7SE
Capture quality is fine.

  [DELETED] 07:00 20 Nov 2003

Thanks for all your help. Yesterday the local camera shop had a JVC GR-D70 Digital Video Camera at only £150 more than ADVC 100 would have cost so I bought it. It has DV/Analogue in & out. I was late home yesterday but did find time to successfully copy a Hi8 tape to it via S-Video lead. Looking forward to the weekend when I should have more time to try it out, so watch out for more cries for help on this Forum!

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