Analogue video

  Scubaman 18:12 20 Aug 2010

Hi Guys, I have an old Video recorder using Hi8 tapes and want to transfer them for editing. I have previously used Pinnacle with the blueBOX for uploading analogue video, but it keeps crashing my machine and is more trouble than it's worth. Is there a cable I can purchase for a Sony camera to convert the output leads to USB?

  eedcam 18:49 20 Aug 2010

Any chance of geting /borowing a dvd recorder by far the easiest ans IMHO bet way to go.Once on dvd merely minutes to get it on the pc

  Scubaman 18:35 21 Aug 2010

I don't want to seem a bit thick, but when you say a DVD recorder, the videos are on Hi8 analogue video tape.

  Scubaman 10:00 24 Aug 2010

Thanks for the info lads. I think I may have found the problem. On start up yesterday I got a message on the POST screen, Disc boot failure - insert system disc, and again this morning. I looked it up in the Forum pages and tried everyting advised but still the same and that I need to replace the HDD. Is it possible just to transfer everything straight from the Master to the Slave drive. I transferred the card and installed the software for Pinnacle on a PC with just XP on it and it works fine on there, no crashing.

  robin_x 10:20 24 Aug 2010

Use Acronis (trial then pay??) or Seagate Disc Wizard (free) or Western Digital utils to migrate one hdd to another.

Also see Partition Wizard and/or EASEUS Todo Backup.

  robin_x 10:21 24 Aug 2010

Sorry mistaken post.

  Scubaman 18:59 24 Aug 2010

Using disc wizard was easy. The problem I now have is that the C: drive has a primary partition and a logical partiton (F:) How do I amalgamate the two. I have tried disc management and partition master but neither will let me join the two.

  johnnyrocker 20:33 24 Aug 2010

we seem to have two threads running at the same time?


  Scubaman 22:47 24 Aug 2010

I'll resolve this and open another thread

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