Analogue fax through network to BT phone point

  lahorie 16:04 27 Apr 2010

Hi Guys

I have an analogue fax i would like to use going through my network to the BT phone point.

I have the cable with the fax RJ 11 one end and BT plug at the other end.

What do i need to do to patch this through the network and into the BT socket.

Help greatly appreciated.


  Woolwell 22:16 27 Apr 2010

I note that you haven't had any replies possibly because it is difficult to work out what you are trying to do. Is this analogue fax a stand-alone fax machine? Are you trying to send faxes from more than one PC through this fax machine?

I used to send faxes from my desktop using software and a modem connected to the phone line. But I cannot see how fax can be networked.

  northumbria61 22:32 27 Apr 2010

Like "Woolwell" I would send a Fax from my Desktop PC - Devices & Printers - click on FAX - follow instructions.

  DieSse 16:04 28 Apr 2010

"What do i need to do to patch this through the network and into the BT socket."

You can't do what you ask. You can plug the fax machine into your BT socket directly - via an ADSL filter if you are using ADSL on the same line, and via a dual socket adapter if you use the socket already for ADSL.

  Mike 16:54 28 Apr 2010

If you have a BT high speed socket, you will have one outlet for the phone and another for ADSL. Unplug your phone and plug a double phone connector adaptor into the phone outlet, then plug the phone into one connector and the fax machine (fmc) into the other.

If you have a single BT outlet unplug your phone from your ADSL filter plug the double phone connector adaptor into the filter then plug the phone into one connector and the fmc into the other.

You will have to check the REN number for the fax machine as it may slow down the ADSL line, also check the settings of the fmc to ensure phone calls don't get routed to the fmc.

  lahorie 09:56 29 Apr 2010

Thanks All

I managed to do this by using a cable with a BT plug at one end and a rj11 plug at the other. I have an ADSL line so used a microfilter as suggested. Patched the rj45 into the patch panel and used a BT socket pbx master to plug in the fax machine into a network point.

Have been able to send and receive faxes OK so am assuming this has worked.


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