analog video editing

  cicero49 14:52 24 Aug 2005

I have an analog camcorder with Hi8 tapes which I want to edit.The choice seems to be Pinnacle or Ulead. I used Pinnacle about three years ago and it was a pain with practically no back-up from the company. But they have upgraded since then. Ulead is new to me. Anyone with experience of either, please.

  €dstowe 15:22 24 Aug 2005

Before we moved to Pro equipment, the best software we found was WinDVD creator.

Easy to use, quick (no waitiing for multiple renderings) and quite versatile. Not as comprehensive as Pinnacle but plenty for most users.

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  pj123 15:31 24 Aug 2005

I have used Pinnacle which came with my Dazzle Fusion Capture unit. Apart from taking hours from start to finish I also found the sound sync was way out. (about 2 seconds). I have now switched to MyDVD, quite a lot faster and no sync problems.

Also have a look at some of these previous threads, although they say "vhs to dvd" the basic principle is the same. click here

  woodchip 15:32 24 Aug 2005

If you use Pinnacle I have Version 9.5. and do it using a card and Aerial socket, you may get what I used to get, Video and Sound out of Sink. I then got a Tevion Dvd Maker a USB2 external You can plug a Analog or S/Video into the device outputs to USB2 socket. Problem above is no more, press a button on the box and capture still's I got it from Aldi for £29.99 includes some software and drivers

  Monoux 16:15 24 Aug 2005


Tried them both (different products over years.

Adobe Premiere works fine with analoque proving your capture card is supported.

ULEAD make excellent software as well.

Pinnacle would not be my choice. But their hardware is good, have used DC30Plus and DV500 and both work fine.

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