Analog Video Capture

  MASE 1 19:13 27 Nov 2003

I have big problems for the techies.
I have got a video capture devise.[EZMaker usb 2]
so far I have managed to capture from old film stored on my camcorder, but when I try to capture from my VCR I got nothing. this is by using a Scart. if I plug in the two plugs [R W ] I GET SOUND [There is no Yellow to plug in to] so using the yellow on scart only. I still get no video. I am running on Ulead Movie Factory 2 se. which is supposed to sort out it`s own settings.
Scart lead is not faulty because I have used it to hook up to tv. Any suggestions welcome.
but not to technical please.

  y_not 19:20 27 Nov 2003

The red/white plugs are audio (Left & right channels - stereo)

The yellow plug is video (the picture). Looking at the product (click here) there is a yellow plug ..... you say your's hasn't got one???

Once you "find" the yellow plug select the input device (EZMaker) and it will sort out the settings - just be sure that its set for "PAL" and not NTSC format (the later is the American format)

Post back if you are still having problems

  MASE 1 19:38 27 Nov 2003

Sorry for confusion. what I should have said was the rear of my VCR does`n`t have a yellow I used the scart lead to plug into devise and R and W plugged in to rear of VCR using tri colour extention cable. I have got all the other info because as I said it works fine direct from camcorder. Thanks anyway, if you get any more ideas let me know.

  exbrat67 20:23 27 Nov 2003

Use a scart to RCA connector (about a fiver) and this will give you the yellow white and red ports on the back of your VCR. You will then be able to use your tri colour extension cable. Bear in mind that "scart" is a plug that may or may not be wired to Cenelec specifications.

  MASE 1 21:15 27 Nov 2003

Been there done all that, and got the scart. I take it that you mean a scart with the 3 plugs rw and g. if so got it. of course it could be faulty, will have to test it again, but thought it was ok. will let you know.

  MASE 1 22:00 27 Nov 2003

To all you techies out there. Problem solved.
Scart lead wired for video in only.Just changed wires round from a video dialog. and bingo.
Thanks a lot anyway. just got to sort the rest of it now. Bye the way, does exbrat 67 mean what I think it means.[ being ex services ]

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