Amy's paper World Cup football

  Wilham 22:06 23 Apr 2006

I am preparing a project for Amy, the eldest of my three grandchildren. I printed out the net of a truncated icosahedron, also the flags of the World Cup teams. I was going to ask Amy to cut out the 32 flags, stick them on the 32 net faces, and then cut out the figure, fold the creases/edges and form the football.

Amy is very bright and would do this, but I now realise it would be easier and more interesting at her age (10) if I could 'drag and drop' the flags onto the faces in the printing.

There's a variety of images on the web, usually free for private use. I need to set out a 'palette' of the 32 flags and drag them into the spaces. So far I am having no success, I've tried Paint s/w, and the World Cup will be over before I get anywhere.

Here are some download sources:
click here
click here
click here
click here with glue tags.

In the end I may have to cut out and glue on the flags myself, -and I won't be so keen to run off extra copies for the younger ones who'll also want a go.

It is practical to print net on an A4 sheet, but better larger. I hope to spread it over two A4 sheets.

Any advice appreciated. W

  Hertz Van Rentyl 00:28 24 Apr 2006

Did this quickly in Draw Plus. I think you can get a freedownload of DP4. Biggest problem is working out the orientation of the flags.
click here

  Wilham 10:53 24 Apr 2006

Hertz Van Rentyl: Gosh, that was quick! Thanks, I'll look at DP4.

I think you have answered my problem or put me on the right road. I'll make the flags all same size. For a child it is a help to have the name of country under each flag. Looking at your link I'd like to enlarge, divide the net in two by just two folds cut, and print on two A4's.

Not mentally agile now, give me a day or two and I'll report back. Thanks again.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:05 24 Apr 2006

If you make the page size in Draw plus a custom size it will print over as many pages as the size of the page is set at. I make posters using 9 A4 pages or more with Draw plus. The programme overlaps each page so you can glue them up. The resolution of the images is the critical factor to how big you can make them.

  Wilham 20:33 02 Jul 2006

I'm grateful to Hertz Van Rentyl. He was right about orientation proving difficult. I never give up,- well hardly ever. I'll shelve it for 4 years.
Thanks HVR.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 16:31 05 Jul 2006

May have a football team by then....but on the other hand!!

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