Amplifier for phone

  Meshuga 07:54 28 Feb 2004

Not strictly a PC question bu is linked. Having become rather deaf I require some form of amplifier for my phone so that I can hear properly when talking to a helpline. My NHS hearing aid is useless and to get a digital one from them means a wait of at least a year, assuming they will consider it at all. Does anyone know of such a piece of equipment and if so where to obtain it. Gratefull for any help.Meshuga.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 08:18 28 Feb 2004

There is a huge ramge of theses things about,having googled it i got thousands of hits,having not used 1 i cant recomend any so its up to you.


  Mango Grummit 08:20 28 Feb 2004

Hi Meshuga -- I have a BT phone with built-in amplifier (at the press of a button). I've just looked all over it but cannot find a model number anywhere. Anyway as it must be at least four years old it will have been superseded by now I suspect but it's a Godsend to me and, would you believe, I won it in a pub raffle.

I've had a look round and found this click here which looks pretty similar to the one I have.

Hope this helps, M

  Meshuga 08:31 28 Feb 2004

Many thanks A NICKNAME, Will do a search.
Thanks to you too Mango Grummit. Looks like what I need. Do you know what percentage of amplification it gives? Regards, Meshuga.

  Meshuga 09:19 28 Feb 2004

Will leave this run for a while to see what else might come up.Meshuga.

  AubreyS 09:36 28 Feb 2004
  AubreyS 09:52 28 Feb 2004
  BIG ben strikes again!!! 10:21 28 Feb 2004

would this increase the speed of a LAN?

  spuds 11:21 28 Feb 2004

Check the Argos or Index catalogue or websites. I purchased a combined telephone with amplification mode facility from Argos either last year or the year before.A superb piece of kit for about £15-£20.Simple to work,you just press a button until the correct hearing level is reached. The particular model that I purchased was the Audioline Phone Easy Doro AB. The manufacturers website click here

When I hear the amplification at my end, I often wonder if there is any feedback to the operator at the other end. If so, they must be very alarmed as to the high volume.But it all saves the "can you repeat that please, I didn't quite get that". Good Luck.

  spuds 11:27 28 Feb 2004

Should have mentioned. If you are registered as deaf, then the RNID or your local hospital maybe able to obtain the most suitable apparatus for you at a vat-free price. I have a loop-system [T] in my house,provided at a good vat-free saving.

  Meshuga 12:36 28 Feb 2004

Many thanks to all who have shown interest in my problem and for their suggestions, which will all be looked into.Regards, Meshuga.

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