Amp to soundcard problem

  [DELETED] 23:41 22 Oct 2003

Hello, I have started to experience a problem when trying to record
from my amp to hard drive.
When I play any music from my amp without the pc switched on
everything is ok. But, when the pc is on the sound degrades i.e. low
volume, fuzzy (from both my pc and Hi Fi speakers). The output cables
from my amp used to go into the line in jack on the onboard soundcard
jacks on the motherboard. This worked fine until I installed an AverTV
studio TV tuner card. The cable from the amp goes into the TV card
then a connector cable comes from the TV card line out socket into the
line in socket on the soundcard. The sound is terrible.
I have tried plugging the line in cable from the amp straight into the
soundcard line in using a doubler but the sound is still bad.
Has anyone experienced anything similar to this and have they any
suggested solutions? Would buying a separate soundcard make any
difference or is it the TV card creating the conflict?
n.b. sounds generated by the pc play at normal quality including TV.
Hoping to hear from someone soon as I have promised to convert a boxed
set of Ella Fitzgerald LPs on to CD for my uncle and he is getting
Thanks in anticipation.

Ian Williamson

  [DELETED] 23:53 23 Oct 2003

Uninstall and take the TV card out. With the TV card out, hook up the amp to the sound card. If it sounds good then there's a problem with the card, either it's faulty or causing a conflict. Possibly, connecting the TV card's line out to your soundcard's line in could be causing the problem.

I would recommend to anybody that works with audio, whether it's recording LPs to the HD or using the PC as a recording studio, to dispense with the onboard sound and buy a soundcard. You should be able to buy a Soundblaster card for under £20.

  woodchip 23:56 23 Oct 2003

Yes tried things like that you will have to swap them as you need them

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