American Power supplies

  Craig-289433 11:10 16 Sep 2003

Would a PSU for a computer purchased from America work on a British machine.

Is it a case of just switching the voltage from 115 to 230 or is there more to it.

  mark500 11:13 16 Sep 2003

American Advanced Power Inc sell thier PSU's in this country at

Fastronix Group Limited
Enterprise House
Cherry Orchard Lane
Tel: +44 1722 349439
Fax: +44 1722 349445

CAll them and ask.

  Craig-289433 11:50 16 Sep 2003

It is not as simple as that, the power supply is a replacement for a compact PSU that fits into a HP Pavillion computer, the replacement PSU is more widely available and generally cheaper in America, but would need to know that it would be okay to use on the UK power system.

  john-232317 12:20 16 Sep 2003

Ask HP, cos years ago stuff i brought back from Canada had to be run through a transformer that weighed a ton...;-o

  mdshamilton 12:28 16 Sep 2003

Most PCs made in the USA can handle UK voltage as well - all laptops can do so. What does the PSU say on it? Can HP advise you at all?

  mdshamilton 12:33 16 Sep 2003

Reading between the lines of your question - I think you're asking whether the PSU transformer bought here will work OK on a US PC. The answer would have to be yes in that a US PSU would convert 110 voltage to the correct current required by the PC, motherboard etc. A UK PC, motherboard etc would require the same current/amperage whatever - regardless of whether it was converted from a 110 source or a 240 source.

Several years ago I had to replace a failed PSU in a PC I bought in the US with a new PSU in the UK. As long as the PSU is the correct one for the PC model it should work fine.

  Valvegrid 12:43 16 Sep 2003

Check the spec of the PSU it will tell you what it can handle. Be aware of the fuse ratings, these normally have to be changed to suit the voltage it's being run on, in other words if it's run on 110 Volts the fuse rating will be twice the rating that is required on 240 Volts. The power is constent, therefore if the voltage changes the current has to change to maintain the same power.


  graham√ 12:47 16 Sep 2003

It's a case of getting that electrical stuff to go through the wires properly.

  Valvegrid 13:00 16 Sep 2003


  graham√ 13:02 16 Sep 2003


  Craig-289433 14:53 16 Sep 2003

It is actually a Delta power supply unit DPS-160GB, a replacement power supply over here would cost about £80, whereas a replacement over in America would cost $39.95 plus shipping. I know they have a switch on the PSU to switch it between 115 and 230, this is what blew it in the first place as my brother switched it to 115v.

These power supplies are also difficult to locate over here even though the it is an UK machine.

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