irfan 20:14 08 Nov 2003

if i buy a laptop from america and bring it here would it work. i heard you have to change something from the inside. is tahat true.

  irfan 20:22 08 Nov 2003

need more replies

  Diodorus Siculus 20:25 08 Nov 2003
  irfan 20:28 08 Nov 2003

need more than that

  graham√ 20:36 08 Nov 2003

No, it will not work, no matter what you do. It's a BIOS thing.

  irfan 20:37 08 Nov 2003

any other way

  irfan 20:37 08 Nov 2003

any other way

  WaiKent 20:40 08 Nov 2003

just buy a uk laptop

  irfan 20:42 08 Nov 2003

but this laptop is a sony vaio and im getting it for 200pounds. what sony laptop can you get from her thats 200pound. any more sugestions.

  Salinger 20:44 08 Nov 2003

If it works you got a bargain. If it doesn't work you haven't lost much.

  graham√ 20:45 08 Nov 2003

Buy a Japanese laptop.

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