American Greetings Creatacard will not open

  Treboul 23:23 08 Feb 2005

When I open Creatacard I get an error message and a choice of close or ignore buttons. If I press ignore it tells me that CACARD caused a General Protection Fault in Module CACARD.EXE at 008:A3BO Choose close.CACARD will close. Sometimes I can use certain parts of the program but not the card building part of the program.This seemed to happen after I usd the Advisor Microsoft update disc!Any ideas?

  THE TERMINATOR 23:38 08 Feb 2005

Could be the update, if you have XP then I would do a system restore to before you installed the disk....TT

  pc moron 23:48 08 Feb 2005
  anchor 09:44 09 Feb 2005

You don`t say what version of CreataCard you are using, or what version of Windows.

I have CreataCard Gold version 2, and it works fine with Win-XP.

You could try installing it in compatibility mode.

  Treboul 21:33 09 Feb 2005

My version of creatacard is 1.01.I changed the compatability to windows 95 but could still not open in the normal way. I then tried going Programs - Creatacard - Creatacard and opening up the 'forget me not' section of creatacard rather than creatacard itself and when forget me not opened I clicked on the card symbol at the top of the screen and everything opened and worked ok. It's a long way around but it worked on my system. I hope this helps others to solve their problems. Thanks for all the other suggestions.

  anchor 15:46 10 Feb 2005

Glad you can at least use it. I know from reading reports that the early versions were a problem with XP.

Did you try fully uninstalling it, then using compatibility mode for the re-reinstallation?. This worked for me with an early calendar making programme that failed in XP.

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