AMD2500XP cpu temprature

  gary-211997 22:56 12 Jan 2004

Hello - I have asystem with 2500xp and 512mb ddr ram. As I type this, the lightly loaded cpu temp is showing as 60dagrees on my MSI utility. Is this too high. If it is, I guess I cannot count on my Multivision warranty, since I understand they have just ceased trading! - best wishes, Gary

  leo49 23:13 12 Jan 2004

AMD processors run warm but have a high max temp - usually in the region of 80+ degrees.My slightly overclocked XP2800 as I type is at 39 degrees.Judge for yourself.

  GYPSY 23:16 12 Jan 2004

I am not up to speed with what temp any particular cpu should run at but i run an amd1600xp which seems to be woking at 50 degrees when not doing much but the high limit is shown at 70 degrees, so it seems ok to me!

  gold 47 23:38 12 Jan 2004

My AMD 2.8 runs at 45c if you haven't cleaned the heatsink you should you would be amazed a the dust that comes out of it.

  The Sack 23:42 12 Jan 2004

My XP2400+ running at 2.2GHz on a 400MHz FSB is currently 45.5C under full load, the PC case temp is 29C. That said however i have an all copper HSF which exceeds the AMD weight recomendation for the ZIF socket and 4 80MM case fans. If i had an AMD recomended HSF and one case fan you would be able to roast chickens in there.

  Paperback Writer 23:56 12 Jan 2004

Waxo - I've used all kinds of different processors over the years and, like you, been concerned about the temperatures BUT I've never had a CPU die on me ever.

Doesn't matter if it was AMD or Intel they all worked fine no matter what the temperature was.

I wouldn't worry about it to be honest.

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