AMD XP2000 Cooling

  djphatic 16:42 27 Mar 2003


A while back I upgrading my system gettin a new CPU/Mobo etc.. When i first setup the system I was having problems with the CPU temperature which is monitored within Windows using Gigabytes EasyTune4 program, as my motherboard is Gigabyte. After trying 3 different heatsinks & fans I decided to use the Heatsink & Fan which AMD had supplied, along with a 80mm case fan on the front bringing air in and a 80mm case fan on the back drawing air out. Only recently I am having heat problems again. The other day I felt that the top of my PC was hot, i checked the temperature of the CPU and it was at 65c, which it hasnt been for a while, at this moment in time its at 58c; the PC has been on for a while but i all I have done is surfed the net. Usually the temperatures were around 54c which i was satisfied with; the main problem i have is that the PC is on the floor so air cannot really get in from the front fan, im unable to put it on the desk as the monitor takes up all the room with it being a 21" TFT. I am thinking of gettin a new Heatsink & Fan and maybe some different case fans or make slight modifications to the case to allow better airflow. Although i dont know which Heatsink & fan to buy, I have looked at the Volcano 11, Globalwin FSP82 and Vantec Aeroflow which look like they can do the job but im not sure. I dont there to be much noise as well, at present its quite loud and would like to get it quieter (dont know exact noise level). Please could anyone help me out with what Heatsink & Fan would be best suited for an XP2000 with good cooling but not very loud and ne suggested case modifications i could make to make the air flow better for the case fans? I am also thinking of gettin rounded IDE cables too, would this make much difference and do the rounded IDE cables allow you to connect 2 devices because all the pictures ive seen only look like they have one connection or a device?

Any help is much appreciated.

DJ Phatic

  Pilch.... 17:17 27 Mar 2003

Can conenct 2 devices to the motherboard.

The cables to improve airflow, but if money is a problem, split flat ide's and turn them into rounded, takes time, but you can position them exactly.

one way of dramitcally improving teh air flow is to put hole in teh top of case and fit an 80mm fan in.

look at click here i think for an idea on how to do it and improving cooling and airflow.

  Rayuk 18:33 27 Mar 2003

When you say the pc is on the floor,is it on the carpet??if possible place it on something solid so air can get in at the bottom.
Having an unbalanced airflow can cause problems.

  Rayuk 18:37 27 Mar 2003

Also if cash not a problem the best solution is Thermalright SLK800 which runs with an 80mm fan,so runs at a lower rpm therefore less noise.
But as I said it is not an inexpensive solution.
For heatsink and fan info and tests click here
For SLK800 click here
Also note you have to buy fan seperate as you have a choice of 60 70 or 80mm fans

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